Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Spirit of Helen Keller Gala at Christie's Auction House - May 22, 2013

Helen Keller International (HKI) held their annual Spirit of Helen Keller Gala this year at the Christie's Auction House in New York City on May 22, 2013.  One of the oldest internationl NGOs, HKI was founded by Helen Keller and George Kessler back in 1915 to prevent blindness and malnution in Asia, Africa, and North America.  At this year's event, we had a chance to speak to HKI staff about the humanitarian projects they have on display during the event - little did we know that the work of HKI spans from Nepal to our hometown of NYC!

HKI CEO Kathy Spahn presented the 2013 Helen Keller Humanitarian Award to Hillary Clinton in recognition of her dedication to improving food and nutrition security for millions of women and children all around the world.  Longtime trustee Kate Ganz was awarded with the Spirit of Helen Keller award and Lions Club International received the Helen Keller Visionary Award for their generous support of HKI.
 This year's gala honored former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton with the Helen Keller Humanitarian Award 
A quartet serenades guests with classical music as they enjoy drinks and fine art
A staff member of HKI is showcasing efforts to prevent malnution in Nepal.  The Nepalese picture books on display here show expecting mothers how to farm, cook, and feed their newborns with proper amounts of nutrition
This eye exam exhibit showcases different vision measuring instruments and eye glass frames that are donated for children.  HKI runs vision testing in underprivileged New York City public schools.
The silent auction allows guests to bid on a week long getaway to a private villa on the beautiful countryside of Tuscany, Italy
HKI CEO Kathy Spahn poses with guests of the night
Guests enjoying music, drinks, and fine art at Christie's
The lighting in Christie's is perfect, it was hard to believe that we weren't outdoors having drinks under the sun!
The staff is prepping up beautiful event space at Christie's before guests arrive
 The bartender here is mixing up a refreshing glass of white cranberry orange sparkling soda
The private galleries of Christies features an impressive collection of American Art, this is a painting of children's storybook character Madeline

This exhibit showcases the vaccinations and antibiotics programs run by HKI to saves lives in Africa

The night concluded with dinner and the awards ceremony in the main dining room of Christie's

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