Wednesday, September 24, 2014

REMIX Summit at Google, MoMa, and Bloomberg: New York City – September 17 - 19, 2014

The REMIX Summit in New York City brought together some of the most creative and innovative thinkers working at the intersection of culture and technology.  Instead of specialized industry conferences that focus on either tech or culture, the REMIX Summit brought together interdisciplinary practitioners of these two fields.  For professionals and entrepreneurs who are using advances in mobile and internet technology to change the way culture, arts, and ideas are created, distributed, and consumed – the REMIX Summit is the premier event to attend to learn, see, and discover the best new work out there through talks given by founders, top creative thinkers, and executives of key cultural institutions and notable start-ups.

The 2014 REMIX Summit in NYC was hosted at three venues known for their cutting edge approach to applying technology to media; attendees spent each day of the conference at Google, MoMa, and Bloomberg.  Speakers this year included the founders and executives of innovative cultural institutions and technology platforms, such as Behance, Paddle8, Metropolitan Museum of the Arts, WNYC Radio, Cirque Du Soleil, the New Museum, Cool Hunting, littleBits, Kickstarter, American Express, Frieze Art Fair, and more. 

Each speaker gave the summit attendees an inside view into the creative process of the visions they work on and help bring to life for their companies.  Major topics covered in this year’s summit include crowd-funding, etc.  What you get out of the REMIX Summit are a great variety of ideas, insights, and possibilities that can inspire you to push the boundary of what you can do with technology to enhance the experience of art and culture. 

Beauty Wellness Wisdom at ABC Carpet & Home : New York City – September 13, 2014

author Tina Leigh at the Beauty Wellness Wisdom event
ABC Carpet & Home held their Beauty Wellness Wisdom fallevent in their beautiful event venue on the second floor mezzanine of their shop, also known as the Deepak homebase.  The Beauty Wellness Wisdom event is a unique day long mini retreat dedicated to women and healing.  Held twice a year during every spring and fall, this signature event brings together renowned thought leaders in beauty, health, and wellness for a day of talks, panel discussions, and plenty of beauty pampering activities. 

The morning of the event started off with tastings of organic teas by Lov Tea and fresh cold press juices by Organic Avenue.  Speakers of the morning talks on wellness featured co-founder of Soul Cycle Julie Rice, senior editor of Self Magazine Devin Tomb on innovative approaches to incorporating rigorous exercises into your workout routine.  Afterwards, renowned yoga instructor Elena Brower guides event attendees through light easy yoga poses and provided practical ideas on how to create relaxing rituals for your home.  Megan Watterson, author of Reveal gave an engaging workshop about how to define yourself through your femininity to building hope, confidence and a fresh outlook on life. 

Talks were concluded by author Tina Leigh, who spoke about how she went through solving her digestive problems by changing her pattern of eating and her diet to include wholesome unrefined fresh foods.  Tina spoke about the importance of enhancing your digestion by eating with others, eating slowly, and being mindful of the taste smell and sensations of the foods you devour – all very simple ideas that we don’t practice often enough in modern day hectic lives.

During the afternoon, guests of the event enjoy pampering sessions of facials, manicures, astrology sessions, and many other wellness activities featured on the floor of the mezzanine.  Attendees get to participate in beauty treatments given by the top lines of natural skin care.  Natural cosmetics line RMS Beauty and Vapour gave mini-makeovers.  Natural skincare line of Indie Lee, Dr. Alkaitis, S.W. Basics, Juara, Tata Harper gave luxurious facials.  These sessions gave guests a great opportunity to learn more about different brands of natural skincare lines and to try all different products to see which items are best suited for your skin type.  Facial spa to the stars Tracie Martyn also showed up to give attendees facials with their amazing line of products. 

Tickets to Beauty Wellness Wisdom is $80 for a luxurious relaxing day of pampering and learning, and we love that the value of the ticket can also be redeemed for $80 worth of products from ABC Carpet & Home, which by the way has the best selection of high quality natural skin care lines we’ve seen in all of NYC.