Friday, September 23, 2016

Upcoming Event - Food As Medicine: Healing Tonics with The Alchemist's Kitchen - September 29, 2016

Nature has created a bounty of biodiversity to give us the richness of herbs and spices for healthy living.  In our busy modern lives, we should never forget to let thy food be thy medicine.  We can all learn how to put this into practice next Thursday, September 29 2016 at ABC Home's beautiful event space.

Join us at ABC Home next Thursday for an evening of learning how to make health uplifting herbal cocktails — both with and without alcohol!  As well as a conversation on healing tonics to celebrate the opening of The Alchemist's Kitchen at ABC Home with special guests Adriana Ayales (a rain-forest herbalist from Costa Rica), Guido Masé and Jovial King. Hosted by Stephanie Wang.

At this event, there will be a full menu of state-changing plant elixirs that combine scientific crafting and ancient wisdom. 

Mark you calendars and get your tickets here!