Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Factory Worker Jumpsuits * aka Boiler Suits

If you ever find yourself in Brooklyn, New York, you should head down Bakeri - not only because they have the most delicious scrumptous chocolate fudge macadamia cherry cookies, but also to see their young stylish staff outfitted in factory worker jumpsuits!  They looked so comfortable, and utilitarian, so we did some research and found that these outfits are historically known as boiler suits.  

The origin of boiler suits date back to the early twentieth c entury, when maintenance technicians would wear them to climb inside coal burning boilers to clean out debris and soot .  Because the entrance to these boilers were narrow, these suits are cleverly designed to be one piece so parts of your clothing won't get stuck as you maneurver in and out of the firebox.

the staff of Bakeri in Boiler Suits - from jsbe
You can get these same boiler suits at Bakeri too for $50!  We are tempted to say the least, but if you're not heading down to Williamsburg, Brooklyn anytime soon, we've found some great one piece suits inspired by these boiler suits.

Friends & Associates is a new clothing line with boiler suits designed for the summertime.  We love the simple clean color scheme of these outfits!

Summer Boiler Suit From Friends & Associates

This one by AG Adriano Goldschmied looks nice and loungey enough for a walk out by the beach.

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