Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Anatomy of a Perfect Sandwich

It's ironic that a good sandwhich is so hard to find, yet it is composed of merely 3 very simple components:
1. well seasoned fillings cooked and made from Scratch
2. good melted cheese
3. sauce made from scratch- usually marmaldade, jam, chutney, etc.
Perhaps not so ironic afterall, since a good sandwich must have ingredients that are mostly made from SCRATCH, making them an antithesis to our cultural fixation on fast and easy.  
We took our 3 step theory to the test and made one filled with sauteed veggies, melted gruyere cheese, persimmon jalapeno jam, and whole grain toast. It was so good, but alas, not as fast as seeing your sandwich made at Subways.  This is a lesson in learning that good things take TIME.
Step 1: sautee your veggies – here we saute kale, broccoli rabe, and chanterelle mushrooms over butter, sea salt, and minced ginger
Saute Veggies

Step 2: Have a few thin slices of gruyere cheese and jam ready. We get our Persimmon Jalapeno jam from Napa Farmhouse 1885, out in California

gruyere cheese and persimmon jalapeno jam

Step 3:  Spread some jam, or chutney on the bread you’ll be using to top the sandwich.  Then place sauteed veggies and some gruyere cheese over whole grain bread - toast in the toaster till the cheese melts.  Finally - take a bite of a taste of heaven!

Sandwich filling with melted gruyere cheese

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