Saturday, July 9, 2016

Scenes from The Other Festival at Spring Studios in Tribeca NYC - June 2016

The Other Festival, held at the beautiful loft space of Spring Studios in Tribeca, NYC celebrates female ambition, hard-work, creativity.  This years festival brought together makers and creators for an inspirational day that is part concert and part conferencing celebrating where women can meet other ambitiously creative minds.  

This year's talk included an impressive roster of speakers featuring: model Naomi Campbell, jewelry designer Pamela Love, actress/activist Rosario Dawson Maria Battifarano of Rihanna’s Fenty Corp, and designer Cynthia Rowely

In addition to discussions, guests can also meet and connect with other creative female makers at the conference marketplace.  During out time there, we met the founder of Ciara's Kombucha and former stylist of David Bowie who now is a contemporary artist with her own line of leather accessories.  Guests could browse the marketplace while snacking on delicious food prepared by an all female culinary crew.  The lunch at the conference was equally healthy as it was delicious, with gluten free and vegetarian options.

In today's post, we'll share some scenes from the event, which is not to be missed for next year!

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