Tuesday, October 7, 2014

2014 Korean Food Festival – Times Square, New York City – October 17 - 18, 2014

We see a lot more variety of food from different cultures in supermarkets and grocery stores nowadays with increasing diversity in our cities.  To show and educate consumers on how to use and enjoy Korean food products to create healthy and tasty dishes right at home, the Korean Agro and Fisheries Trade Center will be hosting the 2014 Korean Food Festival in Times Square, New York City on October 17 – 18, 2014 (which falls on a Friday and Saturday).  This is a free event at the heart of Times Square Plaza – 43rd to 44th Broadway Plaza.

In addition to live cooking demonstrations, and food samples - this year’s event will feature live performances by modern percussion group ‘Super-Stick’, and ‘I Love Dance,’ a popular K-Pop dance team right here in New York.  There will also be a pop-up restaurant opened to registered guests, where Marriott Hotel Executive Chef Robert Mirabelle will be preparing a 3-course Korean fusion meal using Korean food products featured at the event.

At the event, you’ll find many products you can use at home to create new inventive flavors.  Below are examples of some dishes you can create at home with Korean soy sauce, and Korean olive oil.  As many chefs can attest to, even staple condiments like soy sauce and olive oil will vary in taste depending on the region and country they are from!  

We had a chance to sample delicious braised cod and sautéed mushrooms at Gaonnuri - All cooked with Korean soy sauce.  

We look forward to attending next week’s Korean Food Festival to sample and learn more about how we can create tasty healthy dishes and new flavors with Korean food products.  Given that the first day of the event falls on a Friday, we’ll be stopping by during lunch hour – see you all there!

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  1. Guys, I feel so bad that I missed this food festival. You know, I love cooking and also taking cooking classes. This event was a good option for me to learn new techniques and details of professional cooking. Can you please share coming schedule of similar NY events in near future?