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Dining with Feastly : Gourmet Vegan Cuisine at Suite ThreeOhSix Supperclub, New York City – July 16, 2014

staff prepping delicious vegan dishes for the night at suite threeohsix
We’re non-traditional in many ways, and so booking a dinner through Feastly for unusual dining experiences appealed to us on so many levels because we’ve pretty much dined out in NYC the traditional way for way too long.

New York City provides you with an infinite number of places to eat or cuisines to try, but the social aspect of traditional restaurant dining is more or less similar amongst all the establishments.  You show up with friends, a waiter seats your group at a table (amongst many other tables in the restaurant!), you eat and drink with just amongst your friends, occasional you’ll interact with the wait staff, and if you’re lucky maybe you’ll get to meet the chef. 

Now imaging changing the details of that experience a bit, where you dine in a private residence (could be a house, or loft), get seated at the only dining table in the room, eat and mingle with people other than your friends, and personally meet a very talented chef who’s showcasing their talent in a non-traditional way. 
These are exactly the types of dinner you can book on Feastly.  We found the process to be very easy; we ended up booking a dinner in a loft in Tribeca at Suite ThreeOhSix and had the most dazzling delicious vegan dinner we’ve ever had in all of NYC (we’re vegetarians and we’ve tried every vegan restaurant in the 5 boroughs of NYC).  The food is tasty yet light, not too heavy.

Suite Three-Oh-Six is a loft dining experience featuring vegan cuisine made by 24 year old Chef Daphne Cheng and her team.  Located on 59 Franklin Suite, you get buzzed into the building upon arriving.  After you find suite 5F, you’ll enter a loft with modern minimalist décor with a long white candle-lit communal dining table seating about 30 people, high ceilings, and a kitchen enclosed in glass walls, where all the guests can see Chef Daphne Cheng preparing the vegan delicacies for the night.  The ambiance is very modern, inviting, and intimate. 

While eating there with friends, or by yourself, you’ll meet other dinner guests who are sitting right besides you, making it for a more social experience than a traditional restaurant dinner.

At Suite Three-Oh-Six – the five course vegan menu is not revealed till you arrive, so if you do have any dietary allergies, you can let me know in advanced.  The cost of dinner, which includes wine is $59 when booked on Feastly.  Sometimes, they’ll have guest chefs so the price can vary if that’s the case.  Dinner at Suite Three-Oh-Six is only offered several times a week so either check in advance on Feastly or through their website.

Vegan pasta has never been so good!  Rigatoni with yellow squash, cream, arugula pesto and a very fragrant citrus balsamic sauce
Nopal cactus, celery heart, coriander aioli, and harissa
Farmer market carrots, lentils, yogurt, and quince
Shiitake mushrooms, baby button mushrooms, cherry tomato, vodka, and condensed soymilk
Dining Area of Suite ThreeOhSix
Their glass enclosed kitchen

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  1. Because I was here for corporate events, I am not sure about their regular layout, but the event decor was just phenomenal. The dining hall was attached to a beautiful room.