Sunday, March 23, 2014

Macaron Day - Various Locations, New York City - March 20, 2014

Anyone who loves macarons knows that there are many superb french pastry shops that make them, but they all taste different depending on which shop you get them from.  For anyone who wants to find the perfect macaron, the annual Macaron Day in New York City offers the perfect opportunity to taste test all the macarons from the top French bakeries around town.

How it works:

Every year, a select group of French pastry shops give out free macarons on Macaron Day (one free macaron per shop per person).

Go to the Macaron Day website every year in March to find a map or list of all the participating french pastries

On Macaron Day, get into comfortable walking shoes and hop on the subway/bus to taste test macarons around town.  The great thing about doing this is that you also get to visit many different parts of New York City, which is a great idea for out of town travelers and tourists.

The Best Part:

If you do decide to buy macarons on Macaron Day, a percentage of proceeds go to a good cause for City Harvest.

Our verdict:

We like the french vanilla bean macaron from FPB - the Francois Payard Bakery down in the West Village - this one has the creamy smooth aromatic taste of vanilla and the macaron has the perfect contrast of creamy and chewiness, we usually get whole boxes of just this one flavor.

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