Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cocktails in the Garden at the Merchant's House Museum - New York City - Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The Merchant's House Museum held their Cocktails in the Garden party last Wednesday, September 18, 2013.  As a former private residence, the Merchant's House Museum has a beautiful 19th century walled courtyard garden in the backyard.  It was here where young patrons mingled over wine and cheese throughout the cool breezy fall night.   

The Merchant's House was occupied by a former wealthy merchant family for over 100 years, and has been kept in tact in it's original architectural condition.  The Tredwell merchant family had 17 people living in the townhouse at the time (including 4 servants); of the 4 daughters, none married and it has been speculated that they never had to as they lived rather comfortably in their own home.  Current surviving members of the Tredwell family line currently reside in the west coast.

Tour of the residence are given to visitors and it is fascinating to not just experience the space but to see all the different styles of furniture and household items that were used during that time period, and to hear about how it's like being a member of the privileged merchant class in the 19th century.  Visitor information and details can be found here.

Now for some scenes of the cocktail party in their garden.

The private courtyard garden at the Merchant's House Museum
View of the garden from the back door of the Merchant's House
Wine and Cheese plates for the night
The back view of the Merchant's House as seen from the garden

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