Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paper Magazine's Super(Duper) Market, New York City, August 2 - 4, 2013

Have you ever fancied walking into a supermarket with just gourmet artisanal foods and dry goods - if so, Paper Magazine is hosting an event to bring this to life at 268 Mulberry Street, NYC for 3 days only on August 2 through August 4, 2013.  Open from 11am - 4pm on Friday/Sunday and 11am to 6pm on Saturday.

This event brings together a grand roster of independent artisanal food makers from all across the country. Vendors at this year's Super(Duper) Market include some of our favorites- June Taylor Jams from San Francisco, amazing ice cream by Humphrey Slocombe, vintage kitchenware from Screaming Mimi's, Health Ade Kombucha drinks from Los Angeles, The Jam Stand from Brooklyn (makers of bourbon blueberry jam!), gourmet sno-balls by Imperial Woodpecker, and more!  

Now for some pictures we snapped at the event - it was like a hip craft fair with food, with every vendor booth all decorated with a handmade touch!

Bubbly pink rose and champagne were served on opening night.  Notable guests who attended the event included NY Times Photographer Bill Cunningham and Designer Anna Sui.  
Health Ade Kombucha hailing all the way from Los Angeles California.  Their Kombuchas are light and refreshing, we'll be on the lookout for these on our next trip to the west coast!
Imperial Woodpecker sno-balls served in cute cups and candy cane straws - we had the watermelon basil and raspberry jalapeno, super tasty and all natural too!  Sno-balls the way they should be made.
These reminded us of the Flinstone frozen push-pops of our childhood.  Monsieur Singh has a line of frozen lassi pushpops, so delicious, we hope to see these in stores soon!
We can relate to the message on this sign, from Screaming Mimi's booth.

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