Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

We went out to Brooklyn this weekend to check out Williamsburg Fashion Weekend to be impressed by their emerging talent.  We did have fun - YES, but we weren't too impressed, instead of models briskly walking down the runway to show off each outfit to the audience, they each danced for a good 5 minutes to fill up time since there wasn't much to present. 

The fashion show was held in an empty former industrial building and it had an open bar, which was fine but it was a little irksome to sit through long 20 minute intermissions after every 20 minute presentation by a single designer just so the organizers can sell more beer.  Otherwise, it was a good place to mingle and bop to loud thumping music.

comic book meets fairy tale cosutmes

military-print inspired menswear

fashion inspired by video games - Game Over T-Shirt

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