Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Cult Film Screenings in New York City this Week

We wish we had more options of going to the movies just watch great films we get nostalgic of, instead of rolling a dice and seeing the next Hollywood production, which may be good- or Not.  For those of you in New York City this week (March 1- 4), the First Time Festival is screening of both new and old films at the Loews Village 7 Movie Theater in the East Village.

Some cult favorites to be screened this week include Pi, The Virgin Suicides, and one of our favorites - Welcome to the Dollhouse!  We were still teens during the 90's so we have fond memories causing mischief and battling moments of social awkwardness and existential discombobulation.  At times it feels like Dawn was someone we knew in high school, or better yet was ourselves!

We miss getting away with wearing these sweaters of the homespun look!  Can't do that in a work setting anymore.
much safer than self injury wouldn't you agree?

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